Emil Grimsson

Emil is the Founder of Arctic Trucks and polar addicted.  With his enthusiasm for the polar regions Emil has been one of the driving forces behind the polar support and exploration business. When BBC Top Gear headed for the magnetic north pole he did not hesitate and jumped on board to plan and support this incredible expedition and piece of television history. Since then he has taken on several expeditions to the South Pole and was one of the first ever to traverse the continent of Antarctica.

Gisli Karel

Gisli Lead mechanic for Arctic Trucks. Keeping the fleet of trucks in Antarctica in good running order is no simple task. Every season since 2008 Gísli has headed to Antarctica to repair and maintain the fleet.

Gísli Jónsson

Gísli is the chief developer for Arctic Trucks, he also has a great appetite for adventure. He has visited Antarctica many times and taken part in numerous expeditions on the continent including a record breaking double traverse totalling 9600 km in one season on the polar plateau.

Guðmundur Guðjónsson

Guðmundur glacier guide and paramedic. Better known by his nick name Gummi has been member of our team from the early days of working in Antarctica. He works as a full time firefighter and paramedic in Reykjavík and responds with the Icelandic urban search and rescue all over the world. When our team prepares and trains for work in the Antarctic he is an invaluable asset to have around.

Eyjólfur Már Teitsson

Eyjólfur expedition expert and mechanic is not afraid of tackling the unknown. Having spent six seasons in Antarctica working as guide and mechanic he is one of the most experienced Arctic Trucks employees. When he is not working in the Antarctic he heads up our workshop in Iceland.

Arnór Ingólfsson

Arnór is a seasoned mechanic and expedition leader. When Massey Ferguson headed to the South Pole again Arnór guided the team in record time to the Pole.

Felicity Aston

Felicity polar guide and explorer who has no problem with getting into a truck once in while to enjoy the comfortable wheeled travel in Antarctica. She supports our team with logistics and planning during the off season.