Arctic Trucks in Antarctica

Since 1997 Arctic Trucks has reengineered vehicles for numerous expeditions. Arctic Trucks has also provided drivers and mechanics that have participated in all the expeditions.

Arctic Trucks is a logistics service provider that has been operating in Antarctica since 2008. The Arctic Trucks vehicles have already changed transportation on the continent. Expeditions are of great importance to Arctic Trucks, enabling us to  constantly innovate to create the ultimate off road vehicles.

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Antartica Tours

Arctic Trucks has pioneered faster and more efficient ways to travel on the Antarctica Plateau, giving every explorer access to this wonderful and thrilling continent.

You will fly from Punta Arenas, Chile, and land on a runway made of solid ice. After a short rest at Union Glacier, Antarctica, a ski plane will transport you to the Amundsen coast, refueling at ThielsCorner, where the Arctic Trucks driving team will be waiting at base camp—the starting point of the expedition.. 

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