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Toyota Hilux AT38

The Toyota Hilux AT38 has proved it's abilities beyond doubt and is ready to tackle almost any situation known. It has been used in the Icelandic highlands and the harshest environments around the world for decades. Three Hilux AT38 were used to drive to the Magnetic North Pole with the British TV show Top Gear in 2007 where they carried the presenters and film crew over 1400 kilometers over sea ice, bolder fields and small islands. No wonder it has gained a reputation as the everlasting car! 
Engine:   2,5L or 3,0L Diesel
Gearbox:   5 speed automatic or 5 speed manual
Breaks front/rear:   Disc/drum
Tires front/rear:   AT405 38x15.50R15
Rims: Arctic Trucks 15x12,5
Suspension:   Coil front / leaf rear
   Length:        5.255mm + 150mm for grill guard
   Width:         2.160mm
   Height:        2.000mm + 170mm for roof rack
   Wheelbase: 3.125mm
Fuel tank: 80L
Net weight:  appr. 2.150 kg. 
Load capacity:  1000 kg. 

AT38 Toyota Hilux from Arctic Trucks on Vimeo.

Toyota Land Cruiser 150

The Toyota Land Cruiser 150 AT38 is based on the well-known and worldwide established Toyota Land Cruiser. In order to fit the larger 38x15.5R15 off-road tyres the front and rear suspension is lifted by 90 mm, the front suspension is moved by 20 mm front and the rear axle is moved 125 mm backwards. To make sure the bigger tyres have enough room the wheel arches are re-engineered and made larger. Tailor made fender flares are fitted to cover the large tyres. Lower gear ratios are also fitted.

The reengineering is conducted in such a way that the vehicle will retain all its original functions and characteristics whilst providing improved drivability, both on and off-road. All parts are either genuine Toyota parts or special parts fabricated from high grade material and designed to strict standards.

Engine:   2,8L Diesel
Gearbox:   6 speed automatic
Breaks front/rear:   Disc/Disc
Tires front/rear:   AT405 38x15.50R15
Rims: Arctic Trucks 15x12,5
Suspension:   Indpendent Coil front / Solid Coil rear
   Length:        4.760mm + 150mm for grill guard
   Width:         2.200mm
   Height:        2.075mm + 170mm for roof rack
   Wheelbase: 2.935 mm
Fuel tank: 87L
Net weight:  appr. 2.450 kg. 
Load capacity:  540 kg.