Freyja Ágústsdóttir

Freyja is the department manager of ATX and answers many the emails you send in. She graduated from the University of Iceland with a Bachelor degree in Tourism Management and Marketing and has been working on the Icelandic tourism market since 2008. When she is not too busy at the office she goes out on the Arctic Trucks leading tourists all over the Icelandic higlands.

To contact Freyja, please write to:

Hallveig Andrésdóttir

Hallveig takes care of the marketing and human resources for ATX. She has been working for Arctic Trucks in Iceland since 1997 and she has a MBA business degree. To even up to the masculine environment at the Arctic Trucks headquarters Hallveig sings with a female choir in her free time.

To contact Hallveig, please write to:

Helena Sigfúsdóttir

Helena is our money person and she makes sure that all the accounting adds up. She is a certified accountant and when she is not diving into the numbers, she likes to play golf, climbe a mountain or spend time at her summer house.

To contact Helena, please write to:

Aron Geir

Aron is the project manager at ATX and answers most the emails you send in. He graduated from the University of Iceland with a Bachelor degree in Geography. When he is not busy preparing your Arctic Trucks trip he is walking around the Icelandic highlands hunting birds or reindeers.

To contact Aron, please write to: