Arctic Trucks have engineered specialist 4x4 and 6x6 vehicles for professionals who require ultimate mobility. Arctic Trucks engineer specialist vehicles for rescue services, utilities, telecoms providers and NGO’s across the globe.

Our professional customers can choose from a wide range of proven platforms and AT solutions to fulfil their precise needs dependent upon operating conditions and specific objectives.

This may include bespoke solutions. Our highly experienced engineering teams are able to work with our customers to develop these from initial brief right through to prototyping and final production.

Professional users have a choice of configurations ranging from the AT35 with 35 inch tyres right up to the AT44 6x6 on 44 inch tyres. The configurations available are: AT35, AT38, AT44, AT44 6x6  


Additional equipment

Arctic Trucks has gained extensive experience participating in different expeditions. This experience has been used to come up with new equipment to solve different tasks and increase safety.



The radar

The radar is one of Arctic Trucks new equipment. Crevasses are often covered by snow and therefore difficult to detect. The radar offers the possibility to look for crevasses and map safe routes. The radar was first used in the expedition in 2009 and opened up new possibilities for safe travelling in Antarctica.

The crane

The crane is another one of Arctic Trucks new inventions. Bars that make the sidestep of the vehicle can be taken off and assembled to make a crane. By using the winch, the crane can be used to lift and move heavy things such as fuel barrels. It can also be used to research crevasses lowering people down in a safe effective way or for rescue operations. The bars can also be used as push bars as it can be used to connect two vehicles together.


Boxes for the deck

Right now Arctic Trucks is developing various modules that can be used for carrying people, equipment, sleeping arrangement etc. These modules will only be available for the Hilux AT44 6X6 to begin with.

We are always up to the task to come up with new solutions and work with our customers to develop new things. If you need to solve a special task please contact us at or +354 540 4900


Arctic Trucks have extensive experience in the design and engineering of specialist vehicles for use in civil protection roles. In addition to re-engineering vehicle platform suspension to improve mobility, we also offer redesigned electrical systems to power additional peripheral equipment, armouring and specialist configurations.