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The Toyota Land Cruiser 150 Arctic Trucks AT33 is fitted with 33" tyres and suspension modifications to enable higher mobility of road, without compromising its impeccable road manners.

The LC150 AT33 is a luxurious, serious off road car based on the award winnning Land Cruiser platform.

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Toyota - LC150 - AT35

The Toyota Land Cruiser 150 Arctic Trucks AT35 is fitted with 35" tyres and lifted by 40mm. This combined with the colour coded front and rear fenders give the LC150 AT35 a very muscular appeal.

The Toyota Land Cruiser is renowned for its luxury, reliability and off road capabilities combined with incredibly sophisticated handling on road. The Arctic Trucks engineers have made sure there is no compromise, so the LC150 AT35 must be one of the most capable 4 wheel drive's on the market today.

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Toyota - LC150 - AT37

The Toyota Land Cruiser 150 Arctic Trucks AT37 builds upon the engineering and specification of the highly capable LC150 AT35. Fitted with larger 37" inch tyres the LC150 AT37 provides even more off road performance from this iconic vehicle.

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Toyota - LC150 - AT38

The Toyota Land Cruiser 150 Arctic Trucks AT38 is the utimate luxury off road exploration 4x4. Used around the world by professionals, explorers, scientists and NGO's the Land Cruiser 150 was the perfect platform for Arctic Trucks engnieers to set to work on to create the one of the most luxurious, extreme off road vehicles in the world.
Highlights of this amazing piece of engineering are: 38" Tyres fitted on 15x12" alloy wheels, a 90mm suspension lift and an increase in wheelbase of 145mm.

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Toyota - LC150 - AT44

The Toyota Land Cruiser 150 Arctic Trucks AT44 is professional tool for when you are working or exploring in the most extreme off road environments. The enormous 44" tyres offer unparalelled flotation across soft snow, mud and sand, whilst driver and passengers are cosseted in the luxurious environment of the Land Cruiser's cab. Not only have we fitted larger tyres, we have also re-engineered the suspension to provide a 90mm lift and increased the wheelbase by 145mm. Truly one of the most impressive Arctic Trucks ever produced and certainly lives up to our brand mission to "Explore without Limits".


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