Whether you are a scientist, polar explorer, an adventurer, or like most of us, have the urge to do something that few or none have done before, Arctic Trucks offers specialised logistics solutions and travel experiences for the harshest environments on earth. Arctic Trucks has developed highly specialized 6×6 vehicles that have increased load capacity, while retaining great reliability and unsurpassed fuel economy in extreme conditions. The Arctic Trucks team have traversed the Antarctica plateau on numerous occasions, having covered over 290.000 km with its trucks, during various expeditions. Arctic Trucks has vehicles stationed at the Novo runway and Union Glacier and has provided various expedition support from these locations, both for adventurists, scientific research and operations. Where light duty ground support is needed our vehicles excel at using only a fraction of the fuel and time of track vehicles. Previous expedition support include a number of skiing expeditions and races, carrying support teams, doctors and film crews.

Arctic Trucks has provided the following service in Antarctica:

Logistic support for skiers and kiters, Scientific support, Weather observations, Aviation support / making runways, Establishing depots, SAR planning, Luxury camping, Adventure planning and execution, Medivac / Rescue.

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Arctic Trucks vehicles currently operating in Antarctica


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Number of work days by Arctic Trucks staff on Antarctica


Number of KM travelled by Arctic Trucks vehicles on the Antarctica plateau

Arctic Trucks is originally an Icelandic company that has expanded its operation to other countries with a diverse range of products, services and clients. Our largest market for “extreme logistics”, products and services is Antarctica. All our operations there are planned and controlled by Arctic Trucks UK Ltd. The activities are carried out in full compliance with the provisions of the Antarctic Treaty and the Environmental Protocol. We apply each year to the Polar Regions Department in the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) for the appropriate authorisation for these activities. As well as an important legal requirement, this grants Arctic Trucks access to FCO experience, guidance and the possibility to organize its own projects in Antarctica.

Arctic Trucks UK has joined IAATO, the organization for tourist operators in Antarctica. IAATO brings wealth of experience and guidelines for non-governmental operators to operate in Antarctica high respect for the environment and safety of its passengers. We are pleased to work under the FCO regulatory umbrella and as a member of IAATO, we collaborate for the common good of the region.  Since 1997 Arctic Trucks has been behind or involved in expeditions in polar regions outside of Iceland. The first international expedition was with a Swedish scientist to Antarctica during the season 1997/1998 undertaking various logistical support activities along the coast including ice scanning and ice drilling support on the plateau.




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