'Cycling to the South Pole - A world first record' book

September 29, 2017

Maria Leijerstam, the first person to cycle to the South Pole, is now launching a book about her adventure.  Four years ago Arctic Trucks undertook the support of her expedition. 


Cycling on snow can be a huge challenge, to cover extensive distances on a cycle in Antarctica looked impossible. Despite a few attempts no one had ever succeeded in reaching South Pole from the ice shelf on a bicycle. Arctic Trucks had already supported BBC program “Blue Peter” with Helen Skelton, skiing, kiting and bicycling 750km to the South Pole. From this experience we knew that cycling was not possible for most of the route unless following a hardened path from the vehicles.

The most logical choice was the Ross Ice Shelf and trail of the US Antarctica Traverse.

A lot of thoughts and ideas were shared regarding the bike, tyres, air pressure etc. but Maria surprised us all showing up with a Tricycle.


Click here to read more about the expedition and watch the video. 

The book will launch officially in November and will be available to buy on Amazon.