Shackleton Returns: Hyundai Santa Fe conquers the Antarctic

April 20, 2017

  • Patrick Bergel, great-grandson of Ernest Shackleton, completed what his Great Grandfather started over 100 years ago
  • 30-day expedition facilitated by Hyundai Motor was undertaken in a 2.2-litre Hyundai Santa Fe with the Arctic Trucks AT38 modification
  • Expedition made into a short film by Hyundai Motor:   

One of Antarctica’s most experienced driving experts, Gisli Jónsson from Arctic Trucks was tasked with managing the vehicle’s preparation before the event and then led the expedition out in the Antarctic. Jónsson explained: “People who have a lot of experience of Antarctica know what it does to machinery: basically, anything and everything falls apart,” said expedition leader Jónsson. “Even the big machines crack up and break apart. This was the first time this full traverse has ever been attempted, let alone doing it there and back. A lot of people thought we would never ever make it and when we returned they couldn’t believe we’d actually done it!'


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