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The Expedition AT44 is designed as a support vehicle for long distance expedtions, in cold climate.

The large tires with low air pressure provide large footprint giving good flotation in soft snow and soft ride over the sastrugies. The vehicle is set up to carry up to 1.3 tons, plus 1.5 tons on the optional trailer. Fuel capacity (280L in tanks and up to 800L on deck), gives the AT44 Hilux a very long range even on the high plateau.

These vehicles are fitted with safety equipment for crevasses and optional radar can be fitted to search for safe routes. Using the side steps and the winch, a crane can quickly be assembled to work with fuel barrels or other things that need lifting.

Based on our experience, the average fuel consumption on the high plateau is 0.5 to 0.7 litres pr. kilometer using Jet 1A fuel. The fuel consumption is greatly affected by the conditions and the load, but in areas closer to the coast the fuel consumption is considerable lower than mentioned above.

Four vehicles, all with the optional trailer, drove almost 5000 kilometers from Novo airbase to the South Pole and back during the period of December 2008 to February 2009. The cars acted as support vehicles carrying film crews and doctors in the Amundsen Omega 3 Pole Race, as well as carrying heavy loads. In November 2009 these vehicles/trailers drove from Novo to 83 degrees, 1500 kilometers each way.

During November and December 2010 Toyota Hilux AT44 will make three more trips from Novo to the South Pole.

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AT44 Expedition Contents

  • Engine: 3.0L Diesel common rail 170hp/3600rpm/360Nm
  • Filtration: Extra heavy duty fuel and air filtration
  • Gearbox: 5 speed automatic
  • Transfer case: Part time High and low range (2.566:1 in low)
  • Crawler gear (2.566:1 in low)
  • Differential locks: 100% (front and rear).
  • Brakes front/rear: Disc/drum
  • Tyres front/rear: 44x18.50/15
  • Rim: Arctic Trucks 15x16 rim
  • Suspension front/rear: Coil/long travel leaf springs
  • Length: 5.255mm (+ 150mm for grille guard)
  • Width: 2.300mm
  • Height: 2.145mm (+170mm for roof rack).
  • Wheelbase: 3.285mm
  • Ground clearance: 480mm under belly (min. 376mm)
  • Fuel tank: 280 L
  • Compressed air: integrated compressor
  • EL: 12V generator 960W + extra battery
  • Power outlets as requested
  • Tire pressure as low as 2 psi or 0,14 kg/cm3
  • Weight appr. 2.250 kg.

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