2011 – Antarctica Fuel Depot

Starting Date: Nov 20, 2011

ALCI – setting up a fuel depot on the Antarctica high plateau – 2011

The purpose of this expedition was to help ALCI establish a massive fuel depot to support flights and vehicles on their way from Novo to South Pole. The fuel depot is located 1500km from Novo airport on top of the plateau. Two Arctic Trucks vehicles and a team of three people made a return 3000 km journey to identify a good location for the fuel drop, received fuel parachuted from an IL76 cargo plane, set up the depot and cleaned the area.

As before the team removed the side steps from the vehicles and made a crane to lift the fuel drums out of the snow holes and piled them up.

Time: November 20th to December 7th 2011

Route: Novo – high plateau – 3000 km total (back and forth)

Participants: Gísli Karel Elísson from Arctic Trucks. Mikael Romanov, Serge and Peter from ALCI.

Cars: Two AT44 Hilux.

Combined driving distance 6.000 km