2013 – Antarctica Willis Resilience

Starting Date: Dec 3, 2013

The Willis Resilience Expedition – Antarctica 2013

In this expedition Willis, the global risk adviser, insurance and reinsurance broker, teamed up with the teenage explorer and climate campaigner Parker Liautaud to attempt a World Record. The purpose of the South Pole speed expedition was to help explore the impact of climate change on the planet.

Parker Liautauds aim was to set a new speed record for traversing Antarctica from the coast to the South Pole on foot as well as becoming the youngest man ever to accomplish this on foot.

During the Expedition, Parker and his team conducted invaluable scientific research aimed at exploring the impact of climate change. By uncovering new scientific data and enhancing our understanding of a changing world, the Expedition is deeply entwined with Willis’ core business, which is to offer risk management solutions and strategies to help clients overcome challenges and build resilience for a risky world. More information about Willis resilience Expedition here: http://www.willisresilience.com/

Time: December 3rd to 31st 2013.

Route: Union Glacier – South Pole – Amundsen Coast – South Pole – Novo

Participants: Eyjólfur Már Teitsson from Arctic Trucks and the members of the Willis resilience team.

Cars: 1 x AT44 6X6 Hilux