2015 – Lake Untersee

Starting Date: Dec 1, 2015

Lake Untersee is a large ice covered lake in East Antarctica. The expedition started from the ice-way at Novo in Queen Maud Land with two trucks and four team members. Goals for the expedition were to explore the route, find appropriate camping grounds at Unterssee and provide assistance to the scientific expedition already at the lake site.

IAATO sent one observer along on this expedition to monitor Arctic Trucks operations, this was the final step in Arctic Trucks members application to the IAATO. The distance from Novo to Untersee as only 150 Km, making it just a one day drive for the trucks. The mountains surrounding the lake site rise from 1000 to 2500 meters above the ice making it a truly extraordinary place.

When we arrived at the lake we came accross a group of scientists researching the lake, they guided us over to the next lake in the next valley Lake Obersee. There we found an old camp site used by German scientists a few years ago. We spent two nights at this camp site. This gave us enough time to explore the area and to watch them undertake a research scuba dive under the ice. After two amazing nights we headed back to Novo. Average speed during the drive was 35 km/h and fuel consumption was considerably lower than that we have experienced on expeditions further in land.