2010 – Top Gear Eyjafjallajökull

March 24th of 2010, the Icelandic Metro office requested Arctic Trucks services to provide support to go to Eyjafjallajökull to fix measuring equipment located around the glacier, but it had started erupting. Initially the eruption was fairly contained and we notified Top Gear that there might be an interesting opportunity for them to come and make something of it.

The Top Gear team immediately showed great interest but the team and the presenters were all booked and difficult to find free time. In the end it was decided that James May would come over and we would make a story based on one of the original North Pole AT38 Hilux’s.

On the way up to the volcano, the weather turned for the worse with snow drifts and winds up to 30 meters per second, resulting in zero visibility. That did not stop the expedition and using GPS to navigate, the expedition pushed ahead. When we came closer the eruption side, the weather cleared, unfolding a magnificent view of the volcano spewing gloving lava.


Starting Date: Apr 5, 2010

Time: April 5th – 7th, 2010

Route: Fimmvörðuháls, Eyjafjallajökull and surroundings

Participants: A team of Arctic Trucks staff.

Cars: Toyota Hilux AT44, Toyota Land Cruiser 120 AT44

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