Building a 6×6 vehicle

When driving in hard off-road conditions the modified 4×4 vehicle is amazing. But driving a 6×6 in rough conditions is a blast compared to the 4×4! When driving a 6×6 Arctic Truck you get more flotation and traction, resulting in an easier drive on soft terrains such as snow and sand. With the extra axle you also drive more easily over rough terrain, resulting in less pitching and more comfort for the passangers. The 6×6 can also carry a lot more weight than a 4×4 vehicle. The 6×6 Arctic Trucks have been doing extreamly well in Antarctica, where conditions can be really difficult! It‘s almost unstoppable and is a seriously powerful machine.

When building a 6×6 Arctic Truck almost all parts of the original vehicle are removed. First the body is removed, then the engine and transmission and at last the entire suspension system. The main part of the original chassis rails is removed and much stronger rear section is welded to the remaining front part. To transfer the engine power to all six wheels, we need to fit a specially made second axle housing. The added axle housing contains a lockable transfer case that delivers 60/40 tourqe split between the two rear axles. All three axles are fitted with lockable differentials, to make sure the vehicle is ready for extreme conditions. By doing so the car is able to get full power to all six wheels at the same time. The 6×6 Hilux gets a new 4-link type suspension system on both rear axles, heavy duty coil springs and high performance shock absorbers.

But of course the front has to be modified as well! The original front section of the chassis and almost all parts of the suspension and steering system is made stronger. Like in the rear, new heavy duty coil springs and high performance shock absorbers are fitted in the front so it can handle the extreme circumstances.

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