Reasons to have a 4×4 in Iceland

The roads in Iceland can be quite unpredictable and difficult to drive. Therefore it is very important to have a vehicle that is capable of facing the challenges and get you safe to where you need to be. Here is a list for why it is considered necessary to have a 4×4 when driving in Iceland and why having a modified car is ideal.

Slippery and loose roads
When driving in Iceland you will soon see that we have a lot of gravel roads. The gravel roads often appear out of the blue and can be dangerous. The gravel is loose on the roads, resulting in very slippery and loose roads. Having power on all wheels makes it easier for the driver to cope with the loose exterior.

In Iceland you can expect snow for a big portion of the year. When driving in snow it‘s very important not to loose grip and have the tires spinning in the snow without any traction. The more tires you have that have power, the less likely you are of getting stuck in the snow! It is also a whole lot better to have a modified vehicle when you drive in the snow so you are higher from the ground and less snow scraping the chassis of the car.

When travelling in Iceland, specially when you travel to the highlands, you will find that Iceland is full of roads where you have to cross unbridged rivers to get to where you are going. When crossing a river it’s very important not to loose traction and maintain speed. The bottom of a river is often loose and easy to loose grip, therefor no one should cross a big river without having a 4×4 vehicle. Having a modified vehicle is best and makes it more manageable to cross big rivers.

Spots of ice on the road
During the winter time you can always expect spots of ice in the road that appear out of nowhere and it‘s very hard to see them coming. When that happens it‘s best not to loose traction from the tires and if you have a vehicle with power in 4 tyres, you are more likely to regain and maintain control of the vehicle.

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