The next fleet of Arctic Trucks bespoke vehicles are on their way to KOPRI the Korean Polar Research Institute.

Arctic Trucks were previously commissioned to build the world famous Hyundai AT38 Santa Fe, the vehicle which made the crossing with the Great Grandson of Ernest Shackleton, now these vehicles complete their fleet to be used in Antarctica this coming season.

The specification varies but all have been re-engineered by Arctic Trucks to cope with the extreme conditions they’ll face. All have internally controlled tyre inflations systems, extended fuel tanks, crane systems and kitted out for the many expeditions they’ll carry out in the worlds harshest conditions.

The specification varies but all have been re-engineered by Arctic Trucks to cope with the extreme conditions they'll face.

The Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) was created as part of KORDI and it has been the operator of Korea’s national polar program since 1987.  A government sponsored research institute dedicated to polar science and logistic support, established to contribute to the development of national science and technology capacities and to advance knowledge for the benefit of all mankind by undertaking world-class scientific research programs in cooperation with national and international partners.

KOPRI is the lead agency for conducting polar scientific research and operating the research infrastructure, such as King Sejong Station and Jang Bogo Station. KOPRI is also in charge of the icebreaking research vessel Araon, advises the Korean government on polar affairs and organises public outreach programs. KOPRI has been an active participant in various international organisations and such as the ATCM, CCAMLR, SCAR and COMNAP.

The engineering team at Arctic Trucks are experienced at producing these bespoke vehicles having supported the Shackleton mission. They not only had to cover extreme distances at temperatures down to minus 28-degrees Celsius but also had to plot new paths on floating ice caps.

The team know first hand what the vehicles will be expected to cross, conditions they will have to perform in along with the personnel and equipment they need to carry meaning the vehicles are fully prepared for the expeditions they will face during their time on the KOPRI fleet.

Two Hyundai Santa Fe AT38’s and a Toyota Hilux AT44 are on route to their new home.

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