Snow Metler

The “Water maker” was developed by our R&D crew to save time and money. The water maker melts snow in a fast and efficient way and reduces the use of white gas stoves. It can run while you are driving. It works both as standalone or connected to a truck through winch cable connection. The additional hot air heater adds to the comfort in the kitchen tent.

At times, one of the challenges when travelling in the Arctic and Antarctic is melting snow for water.   The dryness of the air requires us all to stay hydrated and we need water for things like cooking, cleaning and more.  We found out early that melting snow in a pot with gas or white fuel can be tricky, risky and takes time.   We therefore developed a mobile unit which can easily and safely melt snow fast and heat the water to about 60C.  This unit can also work as a tent heater with a fan that blows hot air.  The unit has it own fuel tank and battery which can be charge from the vehicle.   After using the snow Melter in one expedition the Arctic Trucks teams refuse to go without one.   

Fuel (Jet A1) consumption 1-2L/h
• Electrical use 1A pr. hour. (45Ah battery)
• Produces water (by melting snow) app. 200l/day*
• Water can be heated to 60°C.
• Addtional hot air blower: 1kW.

• Measurements:
– Height: 410mm
– Wide: 370m
– Length: 950mm