Arctic Trucks has designed and built trailers for use in Antarctica and the Arctic based on one design. The trailer gives the vehicles the extra capacity needed on longer expeditions. This is a high load capacity trailer that uses same bearings, shock absorbers, tires/wheels and more as the towing vehicle. Offering two types of solutions built around 38 inch tires and 44 inch tires the trailer will have the same tires, fitting into the towing vehicle track.

Arctic Trucks trailers are designed strong and with parts which can service as spare parts for the vehicle in case of emergency.   Being used in temperatures below -40C the steel selection and design is extra strong.  It has multiple options for tie down hooks/heavy duty straps and the deck is designed to fit up to 8 fuel barrels.   


Trailer AT38

• Max load 1300 kg. (1.200 kg. in soft snow)
• Empty weight 390 kg.

Trailer AT44

• Max load 1300 kg.
• Empty weight 460 kg.