About AT Polar

Arctic Trucks Polar is special operation unit within the Arctic Trucks Group. The unit focuses on developing solutions and services for the challenging conditions found in polar regions, such as the Arctic and the Antarctic.   We develop vehicles and solutions unparalleled competence in terms of fuel efficiency and time for some of the most hostile conditions in the world.  By January 2021 our vehicles have covered 340.000km (over 200.000 miles) on the Antarctica plateau, double crossed Greenland, both South to North and West to East. In 2010 the unit executed a highly publicized expedition from Resolute to the Magnetic North Pole. The expedition was depicted on BBC Top Gear, an episode that with 400 million views has become one of the shows highest rated one.   

We sell and service vehicles and or specialized polar solutions to many of the biggest nation’s national scientific programs for their operation in Antarctica and the Arctic. Walso offer variety of expedition services for adventure, science, TV, and others.   

We are based in Iceland but work from the UK on some of our Antarctica operations.  We are planning to establish operation in North America in 2021, both for expedition service and to be able to offer our polar vehicles and solutions to North American clients. 

Our heritage is built in the remote highlands of Iceland. By the late 80’s we had learned that installing very large tires under 4×4 vehicle and using very low tire pressure we could dramatically improve our ablity to drive on snow.  A unmodified 4×4 vehicle is very limited when it cames to snow. In the past people would travel with metal chains around the tire to improve its traction, but still belted snow vehicles where the only option in deep snow.  Today, highly re-engeerd 4×4 vehicles with special tires have all but elimnated the use of belted snow vehicles in Iceland.  A addional benefit of an Arctic Truck Polar vehicle is its abilit to both travel in deep snow and on the street, something that belsted snow vehicles cannot. 

We offer both products and service for these regions.    

Products: Our key products center around commonly used mass produced 4×4 vehicles & trucks which we re-engineer to give a new dimension and snow capabilities Our clients are National science Polar programs, logistic operators, utility companies and more.   Additionally, we specialize in offering variety of expedition services and exploration to adventure seekers, science operator, filming projects, and more. 

We define our target market area for Polar solutions as Antarctica, Greenland and Arctic/cold areas of North America.    

We currently offer adventure and expedition services in Antarctica, and are prepaireing to offer similar services in Arctic Canada and Greenland in 2022/2023 and beyond.