We are Arctic Trucks Polar, deep-field operational division of the long-established Arctic Trucks Group.

Arctic Trucks Polar offer a specialised, highly mobile, platform purposed for use in the Antarctic and Arctic, serving governments, science, NGOs, corporates, charities and private clients.

Our capabilities pivot around uniquely specialised, low impact, 4×4 and 6×6 vehicles which are completely re-engineered by Arctic Trucks from proprietary donor vehicles. Operated by a highly experienced and professional team, ours is a unique “one-stop” solution allowing reliable, comfortable, safety-first access to remote, low- (or no-) infrastructure polar environments.

A huge variety of tasks are possible, whether for our core business within the scientific and allied communities, individual corporate/charitable briefs or private expeditions. Such work includes:

  • efficient traverse platform on snow/glacier/rough terrain;
  • light-tonnage material relocation;
  • specific scientific tasking/support/data gathering;
  • skiway preparation;
  • scientific and private expedition support and training;
  • highly mobile, polar-suitable camp facilities;
  • product testing under extreme conditions;
  • route analysis, including GPR deployment;
  • corporate testing and marketing support.

Arctic Trucks Polar’s world class mechanics, drivers and guides are the heart of our business, bringing an enviable safety record to more than 370,000 kms of travel in Antarctica alone.

The Arctic Trucks brand has provided unique light-footprint Arctic and Antarctic logistics for more than 35 years.

Founded in 1990, the brand’s ever-evolving capability satisfies many governmental or corporate/charitable requirements whilst also allowing individuals to fulfil personal expeditionary goals. Our group are pioneers of low-emission logistical solutions in extreme and highly sensitive environments; we are continually researching and implementing improvements for travel in the high latitudes.

Full members of IAATO (the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators) and working closely with the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, Arctic Trucks Polar and the entire Arctic Trucks Group are proud to fulfil the challenging, wide-ranging requirements that are entrusted to us by our valued clients.

Every new task we undertake is unique. Our project planning and execution is highly detailed.

Our head office is in Reykjavik, Iceland.
Contact us to discuss your specific requirement.
Tel: +354 518 9400