Arctic Trucks Exploration

About us…We continually push new limits in re-engineering the world’s best 4×4 vehicles to give you the same driving experience whatever your adventure. Whether it be at the extremes of the arctic, performing in the countryside, or driving in the city, our vehicles give you the freedom to explore. Over the years, Arctic Trucks have built an unparalleled level of engineering expertise in developing vehicles to deliver handling, safety and reliability improvements both on and off road. Our people have a love for adventure – which shines through in everything we do, whether it be designing and engineering vehicles or supporting explorations to the pole. Whilst continuing to provide our legendary exploration solutions, and private experience tours, we’re proud to be bringing all of our extremes experience to the roads with our AT Polar vehicle range.

Arctic Trucks provided my expedition with really vital talents and knowledge. Information I’d gathered all over the World in years of research, I found again within their one company. And that made all the difference to my sponsors. Arctic Trucks gave them the confidence to believe in this project. And it was their practical knowledge of circumstances and machines that made the expedition to the South Pole by tractor (on tires!) a reality. Forever grateful to have been able to give my feel good uplifting story, a truly happy ending! We did it!

Manon Ossevoort

“Weather and perfect snow allow fast forward, sometimes more than 50 km per hour in some parts up to 70 km per hour. Undoubtedly, the transportation with these vehicles is revolutionizing the polar logistics!”

Dr. Jefferson SimoesProfessor at UFRGS

“Arctic Trucks vehicles got me out to my fieldwork site safely with ease. Whilst installing automatic weather stations they provided shelter from the harsh Antarctic conditions, allowing delicate wiring to be done in the warmth. The automatic weather station Arctic Trucks installed on their truck has given a fantastic high resolution data set of meterology conditions from the Antarctic coast to the South Pole. Arctic Trucks mechanics are second to none, always helpful and come up with ingenious ways of fixing things and making them work in unforgiving weather conditions of Antarctica.”

Eleanor DarlingtonPhD Research Student, Loughborough University

The training in Iceland with Arctic Trucks was excellent in preparing our expedition to Antarctica. Experience and professionalism of AT people is on high level and the coordination of training was smooth and flexible. The glaciers with fast changing weather and various snow conditions gave us many challenges and a great experience in using the cars.

Mike KalakoskiDevelopment Manager, FINNARP Finnish Antarctic Research Program

A critical component essential to the success of the expedition was the part played by the energetic band of Icelanders. They were clearly comfortable with the Antarctic conditions and they seemed to have a limitless reservoir of energy. No task was ever too big or too small for them and every job was tackled with boundless enthusiasm. It seemed there was nothing that they could not fix. At minus forty conditions you would find them busying themselves with preventative maintenance. Emergency repairs were done with impressive innovation and deceptive ease.

Paul van Schalkwyk2011/2012 EWR anniversary race photographer