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Pickup trucks have witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity across the United Kingdom in recent years. Once predominantly associated with American culture, these rugged vehicles are now carving out a niche in the British automotive market. And with the rise of custom trucks, more and more British consumers are finding ways to personalise their pickups, using custom trucks and turning them into stylish and functional vehicles that suit their individual needs.

With over 30 years of experience, Arctic Trucks continue to push new limits of engineering to bring local owners and operators custom pickup trucks, offering the same quality driving experience, whatever their adventure. If you’re looking to elevate the on and off-road capabilities of your truck, we have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to transform your goal into reality.

Considering a Pickup Truck?

With their versatility, spacious interiors, and robust towing capabilities, it’s no wonder pickup trucks make an appealing choice for both urban and rural consumers. But perhaps one of the biggest draws of owning pickup trucks, particularly for business owners, fleet managers, and company car users, are the tax benefits they offer.

Under HMRC regulations, pickup trucks with a cargo capacity exceeding 1,000kg are considered Light Commercial Vehicles. This classification enables several tax advantages, including favourable Benefit-in-Kind (BIK) rates for company car drivers, the ability for VAT-registered buyers to reclaim substantial VAT amounts, and the potential for companies to write-off the entire purchase cost against taxes. Notably, BIK for double cab pickups with a payload above 1,000kg is set at a fixed rate, making it an attractive option for business and tax-conscious individuals.

Whether for business or leisure use, the versatility and utility of pickup trucks undeniably make them a wise investment. However, the appeal doesn’t stop there. Opting for a custom pickup, such as the modified Isuzu D-Max, allows you to enhance not only the truck’s practicality but also its aesthetics and performance to better suit yours and company’s unique needs and style.

Drive Your Dream, Customise Your Journey with Arctic Trucks

At Arctic Trucks, creating custom pickups is not just about appearances; it’s about sculpting a vehicle that seamlessly harmonises with the unique lifestyles and needs of our customers. This process, with its many advantages, goes far beyond aesthetics to enhance vehicle functionality, comfort, and overall satisfaction.

Personalisation that reflects you

One of the most significant benefits of custom trucks is the empowerment they offer individuals to create a vehicle that reflects their personalities and daily requirements. Whether you’re an adventure-seeker, a tradesperson, or someone with specific needs, tailoring your pickup ensures it’s optimally equipped to meet your demands.

For the passionate camper, adding a rugged rooftop tent or specialised storage solutions transforms the truck into a great mobile basecamp, ready for any wilderness escapade. Business owners can also optimise their trucks by enhancing cargo space and incorporating organisation systems and other equipment to significantly boost productivity.

Enhanced performance and safety

Customisations often translate to improved performance and safety. Upgrading components such as suspension and tyres or adding specialised lighting not only enhances the capabilities of a custom pickup, but also ensures it is well-prepared for challenging terrains and adverse weather conditions. This results in a safer and more reliable driving experience, instilling confidence in the driver’s ability to tackle a wide variety of situations and challenges.

Financial savviness

Contrary to the perception of customisation being a purely aesthetic endeavour, it can also be a financially savvy decision. While it may involve an initial investment, the tailored features can increase the truck’s resale value. Certain customisations, such as aerodynamic modifications or engine enhancements, can lead to fuel savings, offering a long-term financial benefit that offsets the initial cost.

Seamless integration into your daily life

As we have mentioned earlier, tailoring and customising 4×4 trucks in the UK goes beyond mere personalisation, and creates a vehicle that seamlessly integrates into one’s lifestyle. Whether for work or leisure, a customised truck becomes a trusted companion, adapting effortlessly to you and your lifestyle’s demands. This level of integration results in unparalleled convenience, comfort, and utility, transforming the truck into an extension of your identity and needs.

Explore Our Vehicle Range

At Arctic Trucks, beautiful modern design meets enhanced capability for comfort, control, and mobility regardless of terrain. As a global business offering high mobility vehicles, legendary exploration solutions and private experience tours, our decades of engineering expertise and ability to create custom trucks tailored to the unique preferences and needs of our customers set us worlds apart.

From off-road enthusiasts seeking rugged adventures to businesses requiring specialised utility, we understand that no two drivers are alike. That’s where our comprehensive customisation services come into play, offering a range of enhancements that can transform your 4×4 or 6×6 into the perfect vehicle for any terrain or task. Whether you crave unmatched power, off-road prowess, or personalised comfort, Arctic Trucks can provide the best and most reliable custom pick up trucks in the UK.

Toyota Land Cruiser

For over three decades, the iconic Toyota Land Cruiser has been the cornerstone of Arctic Trucks’ endeavours in the harshest and most unforgiving terrains across the globe. Throughout this enduring partnership, we have continuously refined and redefined the Land Cruiser range, elevating it to the pinnacle of four-wheel-drive excellence.

Toyota Hilux

As a backbone of Arctic Trucks polar operations for several decades, the Arctic Trucks Toyota Hilux is an embodiment of its legendary status. Over the years, we have meticulously refined the Arctic Trucks Hilux range to set new standards. From our remarkable ATU model to the rugged and capable AT37 and beyond, owners can genuinely experience a level of performance and capability that transcends expectations.

Isuzu D-Max

Drawing inspiration from the planet’s most unforgiving and extreme environments, the brand-new Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 represents the pinnacle of more than two decades of relentless evolution and meticulous re-engineering. These years of dedication have resulted in purpose built well-built vehicles that excel in their designated tasks, built to conquer challenges that few dare to face.

Nissan Navarra

Arctic Trucks have created a rich history of re-engineering Nissan Navaras across global markets. In regions where drivers demand vehicles with heightened capabilities to navigate the most challenging environments, we have consistently showcased our expertise in delivering solutions that truly excel.


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