VW Swamper and Swamper Van

What is a VW Swamper?

The UK is witnessing a remarkable trend – the rise of the VW Swamper. It’s more than a style; it’s a statement. At Arctic Trucks, we specialise in elevating VW Transporters, giving them a more formidable, aggressive appearance and turning them into VW Swampers.

What is a  Swamper Van?

As a team that specialises in building custom vans and pickup trucks, including the modified Isuzu D-Max, we at Arctic Trucks understand the thrill of the untamed path. Our clients are more than van owners; they are adventurers at heart. Converting your van into a Swamper means gearing up for a life less ordinary. Our conversion process will turn your vehicle into a dynamic, all-terrain champion, ideal for all those who seek excitement beyond the asphalt.

Explore the Unique Features

At Arctic Trucks, we understand the essence of the VW Swamper lifestyle. This is why we have curated a definitive list of features and upgrades to transform your Volkswagen Transporter into the ultimate off-road companion.

1. The Core: 4-Motion Volkswagen Transporter

Begin with the robust foundation of a 4-Motion Volkswagen Transporter, designed for versatility and durability.

2. Swamper Alloys

Equip your vehicle with our wheel of choice, the Evo Corse Dakar Zero, specially designed Swamper alloys, combining strength and style to withstand harsh terrain.

3. All-Terrain Tyres

Gear up with our BFGoodrich 30” superior all-terrain tyres, providing unmatched traction on the roughest terrains.

4. Suspension

Optimise and elevate your ride height and comfort with our Arctic Trucks/Bilstein performance suspension system featuring uprated front & rear springs/dampers tailored for off-road supremacy.

5. Aluminium Engine Guards

Shield your engine with our lightweight front underbody armour, designed to withstand the harshest of conditions.

6. Rear Receiver Hitch

For quick and easy mounting and removal of specialist off-road equipment, the Arctic Trucks 2” rear receiver hitch is a must!

7. Lightbar

Illuminate your path with our powerful lower grille-mounted 21” lightbar, ensuring clear visibility in dark or challenging conditions.

VW Swamper Parts

At Arctic Trucks, we specialise in providing high-quality parts for your VW Swamper, focusing on enhancing its off-road capabilities and distinctive style. We can confidently predict that our range of standard parts will elevate your Swamper’s performance and aesthetics to new levels.

1. Fixed Roof Racks

Maximise storage and accessibility with our robust fixed roof racks and attachments, perfect for carrying all your essential gear.

2. Additional Lighting

Roof bar options, upper / lower grille, front spotlights, rear/side work lights, we have you covered.

3. Off-Road and Recovery

For a serious adventurer, we have a range of off-road and recovery accessories for almost every situation.  From tyre repair kits, inflators/deflators, and recovery boards to portable and in-car air compressors, winches and winch cradles.

4. Camping Equipment

To add to your outdoor adventure, we cater for the serious camper too.  Providing premium camping equipment and accessories, from camping chairs and hot water shower systems to slide-out kitchens and roof-mounted luxury tents.

5. Security

For added security and peace of mind, why not have a Tracker fitted to your pride and joy?

6. Vinyl Wrap

Transform your Swamper’s aesthetics with distinctive vinyl wrap designs, giving it a rugged and unique appearance.

All of these parts are integral to the Swamper’s design, enhancing its off-road functionality and bold, adventurous look.

Vehicle Specs

The VW Swamper, a model synonymous with adventure and off-road prowess, boasts unique specifications tailored to the needs of the explorative driver. Here’s a detailed look at what makes this vehicle stand out from the competition.

Engine and Performance

At the heart of the VW Swamper is a robust 110 PS 2.0 diesel engine, striking a perfect balance between power and efficiency. This engine is ideal for both seamless on-road travel and thrilling off-road escapades.

Fuel Efficiency

With an impressive average fuel economy of around 44.3 MPG, the Swamper is an efficient vehicle designed for rugged use.

Seating Capacity

As the Swamper can comfortably accommodate up to 4 people, it is ideal for small groups and family adventures, providing a cosy and intimate travel experience.

Convenience Features

Features such as air conditioning, rear parking sensors and cruise control will significantly enhance your driving comfort, especially on extended journeys.

Safety and Technology

The T6.1 Swamper integrates modern technology and safety features, including Bluetooth connectivity, USB charging ports, DAB+ radio, a touchscreen interface, anti-lock brakes, remote central locking and traction control, ensuring a safe and connected ride.

Interior and Conversion Specs

The interior can be customised to suit various needs, from a 4-berth setup with a front elevating roof to a complete kitchen. Features such as custom upholstery, diesel heater, wind-out awning, leisure battery, onboard water tank and solar panels augment the vehicle’s off-grid capabilities.

Exterior and Off-road Features

The Swamper’s rugged exterior includes a scenic opening pop-top roof, parking sensors, a tailgate, factory air-conditioning, rear privacy glass, electric windows and mirrors, and fog lights, which all contribute to its formidable capability.

Driving and Handling

Bluemotion start-stop technology combined with 4-motion capability (available in selected models) ensures a smooth and responsive driving experience, whether cruising on the highways or navigating off-road trails.

The VW Swamper is a versatile companion for everyday commutes and adventurous journeys. It embodies a harmonious blend of comfort, cutting-edge technology and ruggedness, appealing to diverse preferences and lifestyles.

Pros and Cons of the VW Swamper

The VW Swamper, tailored for the off-road enthusiast, presents a unique blend of advantages and other considerations, particularly in its all-terrain setup. Let’s delve into what sets this vehicle apart.


Enhanced Traction

The Swamper’s all-terrain tyres are engineered for superior grip and will particularly excel on grassy fields and campsites.


Featuring the 3-Peak Snow Mountain Symbol, these tyres can adapt to European winter conditions, eliminating the need for seasonal tyre changes.

Durability and Mileage

The robust tread design of the all-terrain tyres ensures prolonged mileage and heightened resistance to problems such as potholes.


Born for adventure, the Swamper is your ultimate companion for off-road and rugged conditions.

Off-Road Capabilities

Masterfully designed for diverse terrains, it offers exceptional traction and stability on a variety of surfaces.


We can customise the Swamper’s durable build and components for demanding environments.


The VW Swamper is a true all-rounder, adept at quickly navigating mud, snow and uneven ground.



Some all-terrain tyres produce more noise compared to standard tyres.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

The specialised tyres can slightly lower the vehicle’s miles per gallon (MPG) performance.


Although the VW Swamper is an excellent choice for those seeking a versatile vehicle capable of conquering various terrains and conditions and is particularly appealing for camping and off-road adventures, it is important to factor in the noise and fuel efficiency considerations.

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