The team from Arctic Trucks travel from Reykjavik, Iceland to Davos, Switzerland in the mighty Toyota Hilux AT44 to attend Polar 2018.

POLAR2018 is a joint event from the Scientific committee on scientific research SCAR and the International Arctic Science Committee IASC.  The conference is a gathering of scientists, policymakers, logistics providers from around the world.

Changes in the polar regions have a great influence on the global climate, sea level change, ecosystems, the livelihood of indigenous peoples, transport routes and resource exploitation, to name only a few. What happens at the poles affects us all. Researchers around the world aim at better understanding the changes in the Polar Regions to enable us to adapt to impacts of our changing climate.

POLAR2018 brings together the world’s leading experts and decision makers working in the Arctic and Antarctic. For the first time since the International Polar Year 2007-2008, the organizations leading in both arctic and Antarctic research will convene in one place. This provides a great opportunity to gather information about the latest research from arctic, Antarctic and high elevation regions and to meet scientists from all over the world. About 2000 researchers will participate in the conference, which Arctic Trucks are sponsoring for the first time.

Arctic Trucks have immense experience, producing vehicles which conquer extreme conditions, ensuring valuable research and operational activities can continue.

Sune Tamm, Project Developer for Arctic Trucks is attending the event and will be discussing how Arctic Trucks operate and the services we can provide to researches and scientists around the globe to support their projects

Whether you are a scientist, polar explorer, an adventurer, or have the urge to do something that few or none have done before, Arctic Trucks offer specialised logistics solutions for the harshest environments on earth. Arctic Trucks have developed highly specialized 6×6 vehicles that have increased load capacity, while retaining great reliability and unsurpassed fuel economy in extreme conditions.

Arctic Trucks offers specialised logistics solutions for the harshest environments on earth.

The Arctic Trucks team have traversed the Antarctica plateau on numerous occasions, having covered around 300.000 km with its trucks, during various expeditions.

Arctic Trucks has vehicles stationed at the Novo runway and Union Glacier and provided various expedition support from these locations, both for adventurists, scientific research and operations.

Arctic Trucks has provided the following service in Antarctica:

Scientific support, Weather observations, Aviation support / making runways, Establishing depots, SAR planning, Luxury camping, Logistic support for skiers and kiters, Adventure planning and execution, Medivac / Rescue.