Hilux AT38

The AT38 is a great versatile vehicle for most coastal areas in Antarctica. It is a popular daily driver in remote areas with good off-road capabilities. The tire pressure can be adjusted to changing conditions, from soft snow to hard ice. Ice screws give the vehicle great traction on blue ice and the softness of the tires smoothens out uneven terrain providing a comfortable ride. Three AT38 were used to drive to the Magnetic North Pole with the British TV show Top Gear in 2007 where it carried the presenters and the film crew 1400 kilometers, over sea ice, bolder fields and number of small islands. It was also used to support repairs of scientific equipment in the area of Eyjafjallajökull during 2010 eruption and it was used again by Top Gear to drive to the volcano.


  • Lenght: 5.255mm (+150mm for grille guard) Width: 2.160mm
  • Height: 2.000mm (+170mm for roof rack) Wheelbase: 3.125mm
  • Ground clearance: 300mm under belly

Technical Specifications:

  • Engine: 3.0L Diesel Common Rail 171hp 360 Nm
  • Compliant with EURO 5
  • Gearbox: 5 speed automatiTransfer case: Part time High and low range
    (2.6:1 in low)
  • Crawler gear 2.6:1 in low (optional)
  • Extra fuel tank
  • Differential locks: 100% (front and rear) Brakes: Disc/drum
  • Tyres front/rear: 38×15.5R15
  • Rims: Arctic Trucks 15×12
  • Suspension front/rear: Coil/leaf springs
  • Fuel tank: 160 L
  • Compressed air: integrated compressor
  • EL: 12 V generator960W + extra battery 220V Power outlets as requested
  • Tire pressure as low as 3 psi or 0.21 kg/cm3 Net weight appr. 2.150 kg.
  • Load capacity 900 kg (2.200 kg with trailer)