Hilux AT44

The Arctic Trucks AT44 was initially designed as a support vehicle for long distance expeditions in Antarctica. The large tires with low air pressure provide large footprint, giving good flotation in soft snow and soft ride over the sastrugis. The vehicle is set up to carry up to 1 ton, plus 1.3 tons on the optional trailer. Fuel capacity (280L in tanks and up to 800L on deck/trailer) gives the AT44 a very long range even on the high plateau. The AT44 has proved to be a reliable and efficient choice for complicated tasks.
Its main advantages are:

  • Unique load capabilities
  • Greater capabilities in the snow
  • More range capabilities
  • Less fuel consumption than comparable vehicles


  • Length: 5.255mm (+150mm for grille guard) Width: 2.160mm
  • Height: 2.000mm (+170mm for roof rack) Wheelbase: 3.125mm
  • Ground clearance: 300mm under belly

Technical Specifications:

  • Engine: 3.0L Diesel Common Rail 171hp 360 Nm
  • Compliant with EURO 5.
  • Gearbox: 5 speed automatic
  • Transfer case: Part time High and low range  (2.6:1 in low)
  • Crawler gear 2.6:1 in low (optional)
  • Extra fuel tank
  • Differential locks: 100% (front and rear) Brakes: Disc/drum
  • Tires front/rear: 44×18.5/15
  • Rims: Arctic Trucks 15×16”
  • Suspension front/rear: Coil/leaf springs
  • Fuel tank: 280 L
  • Compressed air: integrated compressor
  • EL: 12 V generator960W + extra battery 220V Power outlets as requested
  • Tire pressure as low as 2 psi or 0.14 kg/cm3 Net weight appr. 2.250 kg.
  • Load capacity 1.000 kg (2.300 kg with trailer)