The Toyota Hilux Arctic Trucks AT35, a Hilux like no other…

You may recall Messrs Clarkson and May in a rather large boyhood fantasy Toyota Hilux AT38 racing Hammond with his dog team to the North Pole, in what is still the most watched episode of Top Gear
Developed by Arctic Trucks, the holders of automotive firsts and records at both the North and South Pole, this is the ultimate, homologated, turn key (press button!) Hilux you can buy from a Toyota dealer in the UK...

Toyota Hilux Arctic Trucks AT35 Specification

  • BODY TYPE: Double Cab
  • TRANSMISSION TYPE 6: Speed Automatic 

Major Dimensions and Weights

  • TYRE SIZE: 315/70R17
  • WHEEL SIZE: 17×10
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 5335mm
  • OVERALL WIDTH: 1990mm
  • OVERALL HEIGHT: 1890mm
  • WHEEL BASE: 3085mm
  • TRACK FRONT: 1650mm
  • TRACK REAR: 1660mm
  • OVERHANG FRONT: 1000mm
  • OVERHANG REAR: 1245mm
  • ANGLE OF APPROACH: 37 degrees
  • ANGLE OF DEPARTURE: 28 degrees

Optional Accessories

The Toyota Hilux Arctic Trucks AT35 can be equipped with a range of accessories including: 

  • Arctic Trucks A-Bars & Sports Bars 
  • Additional LED Lighting 
  • Arctic Trucks Under Vehicle Protection 
  • Arctic Trucks Bonnet & Wind Deflectors 
  • Arctic Trucks Floor Mats 
  • Rear Tonneau Covers 
  • Differential Air Lockers 
  • Air Compressors 
  • Winches & Winch Cradles 
  • Roof Racks 
  • Snorkels 
  • Mud & Winter Tyres 

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