Visiting Iceland in Spring

Every Icelander longs for the spring. In the dead of winter, we have so much darkness and so little D-vitamin that only dreaming of springtime keeps us going. Don‘t get me wrong, winter is great with all the snow and the exciting Arctic Trucks driving that comes along with it, but after a while you start longing for something new and fresh. Here are 5 reasons why you should visit Iceland in the spring…

Nature comes alive
Aahh spring time at last! Birds singing in blooming trees and new born lambs taking their first steps on green fields. But to be serious, if you are interested in birds or bird watching, spring is the season. In April, migrating birds arrive from warmer countries to rear their young for the short summer on this arctic island. This means a lot of action and an excellent opportunity to enjoy this aspect of nature. Interesting birds to spot are the famous Puffin, the Arctic Tern that comes all the way from Antarctica and the Golden Plover, the embodiment of spring for Icelanders.

Growing daylight
From April onward we have longer days here in Iceland. The sun is rising sooner and setting later meaning that you have even more hours in the days to explore this magical island! In April, the sun is setting around 9 pm in the evening, in May we have sunset around half past 10 pm and towards the end of June the sun sets at midnight. We recommend staying up late to experience at least one colorful Icelandic sunset.

Fewer tourists
This time of year has sometimes been underestimated by travelers in the past. If you want to experience the feeling of vastness and freedom, that has often been connected to the image of Iceland, try visiting Iceland in April, May and even early June. We recommend visiting Þórsmörk, Snæfellsnes and the Westfjords.

Easy access to coastal areas
With spring time we have warmer days and more sunlight. This means that the snows melt away giving us access to secondary roads in the coastal areas of Iceland. For example, remote areas like the Westfjords open up, giving us more parts of Iceland to safely explore. During this transitional period we still recommend a well-equipped vehicle and with the Arctic Truck you can‘t go wrong!

Geothermal pools
Whatever the season Icelanders love to relax in geothermal pools, whether they are man-made structures or naturally formed. The months of April, May and early June still have some cool days when there is nothing better than taking a dip in a toasty pool, the hotter the better. We recommend embracing the bright spring nights and going for a swim in the evening.

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