How Arctic Trucks Experience came to be

Arctic Trucks was established in 1990 and specializes in the re-engineering and conversion of four-wheel drive vehicles. Over the years, Arctic Trucks has built an unparalleled level of expertise in developing vehicles to face rough environments and difficult conditions. Arctic Trucks Experience is a department within Arctic Trucks, but do you know how the ATX department came to be?

Arctic Trucks Experience offers tours in Iceland on the specialized super trucks. The modified vehicles make it possible to experience the remote areas of Iceland all year long and do it with great style!

Through-out the years Arctic Trucks has had a great team of engineers who have had the mission to make the modified vehicle better than before. In the beginning, Arctic Trucks made changes to the modifications and got feedbacks after the vehicle had gotten some driving. But that was not enough. The company decided that it was time for the engineering crew to get a vehicle that they could test their new ideas on and try the new ideas out for themselves. After a while the engineers had few 38 inch Hiluxes that they used as trial vehicles.

Instead of the cars being at the Arctic Trucks parking lot in between updates, it was decided to rent the vehicles out and let tourists have the opportunity to try these amazing vehicles out in the rough Icelandic environment! The business grew well and Arctic Trucks decided to enlarge the fleet and create a department within Arctic Trucks to handle and run trips on the Arctic Trucks.

Today Arctic Trucks Experience has a great fleet of 38 inch Toyota Hilux and Toyota Land Cruiser, that have been modified by the Arctic Trucks mechanics and perfected by the engineers to withstand the challenging condition in Iceland, allowing tourists to visit the remote areas of Iceland all year long! The ATX-department can handle everything from the moment the client arrives in Iceland until they depart, custom-making the perfect trip for our customers to fulfill the wishes people have to make the dream trip in Iceland come true.

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