The Arctic Trucks Antarctica team season 2015

This season three Arctic Trucks employees are working in Antarctica.

Atli Pálsson arrived at Antarctica in the beginning of November and he will be working there until the middle of January. Most of the time he will be staying at 83 degrees, on the Antarctica plateau, working for The Antarctic Company, preparing a runway on ice for airplanes to land and refuel on their way to the South Pole.

Bragi Geirdal Guðfinnsson also arrived in Antarctica in the beginning of November. He is located at Novolazarevskaya, usually called Novo, a Russian station where the only runway for flights from Cape Town is located. Bragi will be working on maintenance of the Arctic Trucks vehicles that are located there among other tasks. Bragi will hopefully get home to Iceland just before Christmas.

Guðmundur Guðjónsson (Gummi) in now on his way to Novo Antarctica where he will participate in a short expedition and work on preparation for other projects.

This is the third time Gummi goes to Antarctica but both Atli and Bragi are there for the first time. Hopefully Gummi will get back home to Iceland before Christmas.

We will be bringing you news from them whenever they get the chance to contact us.

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