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ARCTIC TRUCKS® and Arctic Trucks Polar (logistics subsidiary of the extreme mobility vehicle specialists) are delighted to congratulate ‘Pole to Pole EV’ adventurers, Chris and Julie Ramsey, on the completion of their epic trans-global electric vehicle voyage. Arctic Trucks Polar supplied crucial vehicle, support, planning and logistical services to this groundbreaking expedition.

Starting on the frozen Arctic Ocean in late March 2023 at the historic (1823) Magnetic North Pole, 380 km north east of Cambridge Bay in Larson Sound, Northern Canada, Chris and Julie covered some 30,000 kms through 15 countries over ten months on and off-road through the varied terrains and conditions of North, Central and South America; eventually climbing to Antarctica’s high plateau and reaching their final goal, the geographic South Pole, on 15th December 2023.

The Scottish couple’s Nissan Ariya AT39 e-4ORCE all-wheel drive electric vehicle, extensively re-engineered by Arctic Trucks, is the first vehicle in history to make this rigorous journey, which included freezing Arctic and Antarctic temperatures to scorching desert heat.

The adventurers first approached Arctic Trucks in 2019 with the idea of a Pole-to-Pole electric vehicle expedition, which necessitated significant operational experience and support for the most extreme Arctic and Antarctic phases.

“It was clear that this proposed expedition would require extensive logistical support from our AT44 (44” tire) vehicles and experienced personnel in the Polar regions” said Emil Grímsson, Founder of Arctic Trucks.

The expedition was originally planned to run South to North, starting at the South Pole and ending at the 1996 Magnetic North Pole. However, with the Nissan Ariya only just introduced to the market and the 4×4 version only scheduled to arrive in Europe during September 2022, it was impossible to convert the vehicle in time for the upcoming short Antarctic season. The expedition was therefore rescheduled to commence in the North – and the race was on to make it happen.

Multiple engineering challenges included safely and successfully operating a battery electric vehicle over long-range in the extreme cold (down to -32c), increasing the vehicle’s tire flotation capability by a factor of at least 10 and ensuring the driveline could cope with the significant increase in tire size and weight, whilst still maintaining a low centre of gravity.

Grímsson continued: “We needed to multiply the floatation capabilities of the vehicle by using much larger tires, enabling the vehicle to make this journey under its own power. The size of the tires needed, and extent of the necessary vehicle rebuild also had to balance sufficient capability on both paved roads and the most extreme off-road terrains with maximum range and reliability.”

Arctic Trucks’ engineering team, led by Freyr Þórsson, overcame these challenges to deliver the complete expedition-ready vehicle in less than 4 months, a remarkable feat. Supported by technical information from Nissan, the team worked day and night to develop a highly capable and efficient vehicle setup while retaining most of the original Nissan driveline and suspension, a crucial point to allow easy serviceability during the long drive down through the entire length of the Americas.

Two Ford F-350 AT44 6×6 Arctic Trucks Polar support vehicles were used in the Arctic, with two Toyota Hilux 4×4 AT44s being used in Antarctica, crewed by experienced Arctic Trucks Polar team members, Hlynur Sigurdsson and Johannes Gudmundsson.

“We are hugely proud that the Nissan Ariya AT39 outperformed all expectations, both in terms of capabilities and the standard driveline holding up extremely well throughout the expedition, despite the heavy tires, often rough conditions and long distances involved.” said Emil Grímsson of Arctic Trucks. He continued: “Having previously made 88 trips to the South Pole in the course of our normal activities supporting scientific research and expeditions, this is an extremely special moment. We are delighted for Chris and Julie Ramsey who, in succeeding with this expedition, have showcased new technology. On our part, Arctic Trucks is constantly developing solutions to dramatically improve the efficiencies of our hugely challenging polar operations”.

Messaging from the South Pole, Chris and Julie said: “A huge thank you to Arctic Trucks, our polar support team, you have been incredible, [as well as] all our partners, followers, friends and family who have supported us throughout this mammoth expedition”.

James Batchelor Takes The Toyota Hilux AT35 Offroad

Snows Toyota is proud to be running the UK’s first dealer AT35 Arctic Trucks converted Hilux as a demo in Southampton.

We invited back presenter and journalist James Batchelor to test the capabilities of this vehicle on the off-road course at the iconic Thruxton Race Circuit.

Founded in 1990 as a specialist division of Toyota Iceland, Arctic Trucks has built up a legendary reputation for reengineering and converting four-wheel drive vehicles and making them able to take on the world’s most hospitable places – you might even have seen the company’s products on Top Gear in the past, and they’ve even got a number of world records to their name.

The company’s fantastic attention to detail allows owners to safely and successfully explore without limits, whatever the challenge.

Arctic Trucks is the world’s leading polar vehicle operator, and their vehicles have conquered the harshest, most inhospitable terrain in the world.

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Toyota Hilux AT Range

Arctic Trucks Launch All New AT-T Conversion for The VW Transporter

A new avenue has opened for Arctic Trucks, pushing the limits of traditional camping.  You can now explore further in your Transporter T6.1 with the all new AT-T conversion.

Greater ground clearance, superior handling, underbody protection and the new addition of Arctic Trucks / Vision X lighting allows you to explore beyond what has traditionally been possible before.

  • Lightweight front underbody armour (4mm aluminium)
  • Evo Corse Dakar Zero 17×8 matte black load rated alloy wheels
  • 30” (LT245/65 R17) BFGoodrich KO2 All-Terrain tyres
  • Optimised and elevated Arctic Trucks Bilstein performance suspension system featuring front & rear springs/dampers (elevation: +35mm)
  • Arctic Trucks 2” multifunction receiver hitch
  • Arctic Trucks Vision X 21” lower grille-mounted lightbar
  • Arctic Trucks AT-T Certificate of Authenticity


And much more !

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VW Transporter AT-T


A tough truck, for a tough guy! 💪Crawfords Automotive is excited to announce that the legendary actor and personality, @thevinniejones, has chosen the @isuzuuk D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 as his personal vehicle.

Yesterday, Mat Commons and James Parrett from Crawfords Billingshurst depot had the pleasure in handing over the Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 to Vinnie. This promises to be an exciting partnership between a celebrated tough guy and the ultimate tough truck!

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For more information on this awesome machine please click below

Isuzu D-Max AT35

For more information on this awesome machine please click below

Isuzu D-Max AT35


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Carl Fogarty MBE has recently received the keys to a brand new Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35, swapping out a range-topping V-Cross for Isuzu UK’s newest extreme adventure vehicle.

Carl’s new pick-up, replacing the Pearl White Isuzu D-Max V-Cross, is Isuzu UK’s flagship model, the Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35. With an all-black exterior, this unique pick-up is equipped with a sports bar, roof and grille-mounted Lazer Lights, and a roll top with load liner. The adrenaline-inspired vehicle is the perfect fit for thrill-seeking petrolhead Carl Fogarty, who spends a large amount of time participating in outdoor hobbies such as mountain biking, dirt biking and fishing. Thanks to Carl’s existing relationship with Isuzu UK, having had other vehicles including the V-Cross and the adventure-focused XTR, as well as his penchant for living a fast-paced lifestyle, it is no surprise that the superbike champion is now a brand ambassador for the Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks marque.

Carl Fogarty, commonly known as Foggy, is a seven-time motorcycle racing world champion who has raced to victory on 59 occasions in the World Superbike Championships – picking up four world titles in the process – making him one of the most decorated riders of all time. Renowned for his high corner speed riding style, Carl earned plaudits thanks to his gutsy, aggressive style and a determination to win at all costs, proving highly effective on the track. Since retiring from racing in 2000, Carl has pursued numerous endeavours, including winning the TV reality show ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!’ in 2014, while spending a large remainder of his time on his multitude of outdoor hobbies.

The Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 is a professionally re-engineered vehicle that incorporates significant enhancements to the body, frame, drivetrain, suspension, wheels and tyres, whilst retaining Isuzu’s five-year/125,000-mile warranty. This new halo model has been developed and engineered to handle the most challenging landscapes with ease while offering a distinctive presence and authentic performance thanks to the 35” all-terrain tyres and Bilstein suspension upgrade, making it the perfect adventure pick-up for thrill seekers.

Brian Wheeler, PR & Product Manager at Isuzu UK, said: “Facilitating this handover with Carl was an obvious decision for us, as he epitomises the essence of adventure which is captured by the brand’s new halo model. As an ambassador for the Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks marque, it was only fitting that Carl received a fully equipped, action-ready pick-up suited to the lifestyle of the seven-time world champion.”

The highly decorated World Superbike legend Carl Fogarty commented: “Isuzu has come up with another awesome pick-up – better than I could have imagined. The new AT35 is perfect for my outdoor lifestyle and all my toys, has great off-road ability and it also looks amazing.”

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Would I buy one?

Paul Cowland (Salvage Hunters – Classic Cars) tells us what he thinks of the all new Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35

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This exceptional pick-up has full commercial vehicle status with absolutely no compromise on payload, towing capacity, performance and capability. With a payload of over 1 tonne, a towing capacity of 3.5 tonnes and a five-year/ 125,000 mile warranty & roadside assistance, the Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 is built to conquer the most rugged terrains and overcome the toughest of challenges.

For further information on this incredible and capable vehicle, please visit your local Isuzu dealer or click the link below.



  • Isuzu D-Max awarded Pick-up of the Year by 4×4 Magazine
  • The Best Individual Model award goes to the Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35
  • Award judges praised value for money, expanded range and eye-catching looks

3rd January 2023 – The Isuzu D-Max has been named the Pick-up of the Year by the renowned specialist publication 4×4 Magazine. Having collected the Best Value award last year, the Isuzu D-Max has gone one better this year, winning the overall award, along with the Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 which was named Best Individual Model.

Alan Kidd, Editor at 4×4 Magazine said “We like what we’re seeing from Isuzu UK. The D-Max range has grown in lots of good ways this last year and provides real value for money. In particular, we’ve never understood the concept of a locking rear diff being treated as a luxury item for range-topping models when it’s most relevant to people who use their trucks off-road, so they’ve done the right thing by adding it as an option on the entry-level vehicle too. The same goes for the automatic gearbox.”

Commenting on the Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 Alan Kidd said “The new D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 is a uniquely eye-catching flagship. When we drove one, it actually attracted more attention than the prestige brand SUV we had on test a few weeks later – which is exactly what people buy them for, so this is yet another example of the D-Max getting the job done.”

Alan Able, Managing Director at Isuzu UK said “We are thrilled that the expert panel at 4×4 Magazine has crowned the Isuzu D-Max as their Pick-up of the Year and the D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 as the Best Individual Model. Whilst 2022 was not the easiest for the industry, Isuzu UK continued to strengthen and expand the D-Max range adding new variants at both ends of the model line-up. This included our new halo model, the Arctic Trucks AT35, which ensures we have the most comprehensive line-up possible for our diverse range of current and future customers.”

The Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 launched in mid-2022 and quickly established itself as the brand’s flagship model. Developed and engineered to handle the most challenging landscapes with ease while offering a distinctive presence and authentic performance. The Arctic Trucks AT35 is a professionally re-engineered vehicle incorporating significant enhancements to the body, frame, drivetrain, suspension and styling. Plus, importantly the vehicle also retains its commercial vehicle status, with no compromise to payload or towing capacity.

Peter Smith, Managing Director at Arctic Trucks said “We are delighted and proud that the Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 has won 4×4 Magazine’s Best Individual Model Award. This accolade is a testament to the strong collaboration between Isuzu UK and Arctic Trucks and the breadth of knowledge and diversity across the Arctic Trucks group which enables us to continue developing exciting, daily-drivable vehicles which are truly capable over all terrains.”