The Land Rover Defender AT35 is here!

The Land Rover Defender AT35 is here!

Following almost 5 years of extensive testing and development across the Arctic Trucks group, spanning arctic tundra to deep desert environments, we are pleased to announce the international launch of the Land Rover Defender Arctic Trucks AT35, with orders opening today for UK customers and soon for other markets. This latest AT35 marks the most ‘cool and capable’ Defender available anywhere.

Building on the extreme heritage of the legendary Defender platform, the AT35 (35” tyre) version is specially developed and re-engineered by Arctic Trucks’® experienced team of off-road mobility specialists to handle challenging landscapes with even greater ease, while offering ultimate presence and authentic performance everywhere, whether on or off-road.

Combined with extensive adjustment, strengthening and reprofiling of the chassis, body and bodywork, the elevated Land Rover suspension system, 20 x 10” matte black forged dual valve Arctic Trucks wheel and enlarged 35” BFGoodrich tyre package enable greater ground clearance, articulation and increased approach and departure angles. This carefully balanced combination dramatically increases off-road mobility, traction and flotation over soft surfaces while maintaining sharp, stable and comfortable on-road handling characteristics.

The iconic Arctic Trucks® widened flares create coverage and protection, while amplifying the vehicle‘s rugged stance. This is complemented by obsidian black colour-coding and premium Arctic Trucks® and AT35 badging and detailing throughout, together with durable aluminium and high-grip rubber Arctic Trucks® extended side steps, enlarged mud flaps and premium interior mats.

All elements and features of the design and build process are developed and undertaken exclusively by Arctic Trucks® to ensure showroom-level fit, finish and functionality over all terrains.


  • Extensive Arctic Trucks® re-engineering and metalwork to chassis, body and bodywork
  • Widened Arctic Trucks® fender flares (body colour / black), featuring recessed AT tyre pressure detail
  • All-new forged 20×10” ET25 Arctic Trucks® dual-valve alloy wheels (matte black)**
  • 35” BFGoodrich KO2 All-Terrain (325/60 R20) / KM3 Mud-Terrain (35 x 12.50 R20) tyres – zero cost option
  • Arctic Trucks® elevation (+15mm) of Land Rover L663 suspension system – maintaining all original functionality
  • Arctic Trucks® speedometer re-calibration
  • Robust extended profile Arctic Trucks® aluminium and high-grip rubberised side steps
  • Arctic Trucks® obsidian black package (front and rear bumper sections, side panels and front grille)
  • Arctic Trucks® luxury carpet interior mats (black)
  • Enlarged and strengthened Arctic Trucks® mud guards
  • Distinctive Arctic Trucks® and AT35 ‘lava’ badging and detailing package (fender flares, doors, side steps, tailgate, wheel centres, mud guards, interior mats, registration plate surrounds)
  • Arctic Trucks® locking wheel nuts and torque wrench
  • Arctic Trucks® Certificate of Authenticity and 30th anniversary decal
  • Option: Arctic Trucks® bespoke leather interior (seats, doors, dash, centre console, steering wheel)
  • Option: Full size matching Arctic Trucks® spare wheel, BFGoodrich tyre and cover (tailgate mounted)
  • Option: Lazer Lamps Linear-42 Elite aerodynamic roof-mounted high-output LED light bar

Customer Conversion RRP: £29,995 + VAT

Turnaround Time (Pre-Booked Conversion Slot): 2 weeks ▪ Base Vehicle: 2020> Defender 110 – All grades & transmissions


A wide range of tried and tested Arctic Trucks® options and accessories is also available to enhance both AT and standard Land Rover vehicle versions for retail, business or fleet customers, including:

  • Styling & Protection (Wind Deflectors, Graphics, Mats etc.)
  • Lighting (Canon Lights, Light Bars, Work Lights, Grille Mount Kits, Brackets, Switches etc.)
  • Safety & Utility (Racks, Steps/Seats, Spare Wheel Carriers etc.)
  • Off-Road Support (Snorkels, Receiver Hitches, Winching, Air Lockers, Compressors etc.)


Contact Arctic Trucks® directly, to discuss all conversion enquiries, orders, options and accessories:


Project Basecamp!


The Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35, codenamed ‘Basecamp’, is ready for any challenge thanks to its Arctic Trucks enhancement and expedition-ready configuration.

Basecamp has been precisely crafted to withstand the most perilous of worldly conditions, with an array of specialised equipment perfect for any thrill seeker, no matter the destination or terrain.

In addition to having the standard Arctic Trucks AT35 modifications, Basecamp has also been fitted with:

  • iKamper Roof Tent
  • Gearmate Aluminium Canopy
  • ARB Roller Drawer System
  • Fridge, Stove, and Kitchen Sink!




Lightweight and versatile iKamper SkyCamp Mini 3.0 rooftop tent which incorporates iKamper’s signature World Map and even a Skyview window.


Black aluminium Gearmate hardtop canopy, with solid gullwing side and rear access doors.


ARB Outback Solutions modular roller drawer system, with a durable carpet finish. Along with providing luggage space, the system also incorporates a fridge and a slide-out kitchen unit, which includes a 3-burner gas stove and a 12-litre collapsible sink.


Mounted to the roof of the vehicle is an ARB Base Rack system that incorporates a front-facing light bar and a bespoke clamp, mount and bracket system allowing safe storage for a gas bottle, water container, fuel containers and recovery boards.


New design Isuzu accessory front grille and bonnet protector.


The side of the vehicle has been enhanced with black sidebars with integrated steps, side window visors and a bespoke ‘Inspired by Extremes’ decal kit.


Standard Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 models include distinctive 17-inch black Arctic Trucks alloy wheels with 35-inch BFGoodrich LT315/70 R17 Mud-Terrain tyres. Coupled with the elevated Arctic Trucks Bilstein suspension, the AT35 is perfect for off-road excursions and adventures. Thanks to the extended wheel arches and Arctic Trucks badging across the exterior and leather interior, the AT35 even looks as good as it drives.

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Isuzu D-Max AT35





ARCTIC TRUCKS® and Arctic Trucks Polar (logistics subsidiary of the extreme mobility vehicle specialists) are delighted to congratulate ‘Pole to Pole EV’ adventurers, Chris and Julie Ramsey, on the completion of their epic trans-global electric vehicle voyage. Arctic Trucks Polar supplied crucial vehicle, support, planning and logistical services to this groundbreaking expedition.

Starting on the frozen Arctic Ocean in late March 2023 at the historic (1823) Magnetic North Pole, 380 km north east of Cambridge Bay in Larson Sound, Northern Canada, Chris and Julie covered some 30,000 kms through 15 countries over ten months on and off-road through the varied terrains and conditions of North, Central and South America; eventually climbing to Antarctica’s high plateau and reaching their final goal, the geographic South Pole, on 15th December 2023.

The Scottish couple’s Nissan Ariya AT39 e-4ORCE all-wheel drive electric vehicle, extensively re-engineered by Arctic Trucks, is the first vehicle in history to make this rigorous journey, which included freezing Arctic and Antarctic temperatures to scorching desert heat.

The adventurers first approached Arctic Trucks in 2019 with the idea of a Pole-to-Pole electric vehicle expedition, which necessitated significant operational experience and support for the most extreme Arctic and Antarctic phases.

“It was clear that this proposed expedition would require extensive logistical support from our AT44 (44” tire) vehicles and experienced personnel in the Polar regions” said Emil Grímsson, Founder of Arctic Trucks.

The expedition was originally planned to run South to North, starting at the South Pole and ending at the 1996 Magnetic North Pole. However, with the Nissan Ariya only just introduced to the market and the 4×4 version only scheduled to arrive in Europe during September 2022, it was impossible to convert the vehicle in time for the upcoming short Antarctic season. The expedition was therefore rescheduled to commence in the North – and the race was on to make it happen.

Multiple engineering challenges included safely and successfully operating a battery electric vehicle over long-range in the extreme cold (down to -32c), increasing the vehicle’s tire flotation capability by a factor of at least 10 and ensuring the driveline could cope with the significant increase in tire size and weight, whilst still maintaining a low centre of gravity.

Grímsson continued: “We needed to multiply the floatation capabilities of the vehicle by using much larger tires, enabling the vehicle to make this journey under its own power. The size of the tires needed, and extent of the necessary vehicle rebuild also had to balance sufficient capability on both paved roads and the most extreme off-road terrains with maximum range and reliability.”

Arctic Trucks’ engineering team, led by Freyr Þórsson, overcame these challenges to deliver the complete expedition-ready vehicle in less than 4 months, a remarkable feat. Supported by technical information from Nissan, the team worked day and night to develop a highly capable and efficient vehicle setup while retaining most of the original Nissan driveline and suspension, a crucial point to allow easy serviceability during the long drive down through the entire length of the Americas.

Two Ford F-350 AT44 6×6 Arctic Trucks Polar support vehicles were used in the Arctic, with two Toyota Hilux 4×4 AT44s being used in Antarctica, crewed by experienced Arctic Trucks Polar team members, Hlynur Sigurdsson and Johannes Gudmundsson.

“We are hugely proud that the Nissan Ariya AT39 outperformed all expectations, both in terms of capabilities and the standard driveline holding up extremely well throughout the expedition, despite the heavy tires, often rough conditions and long distances involved.” said Emil Grímsson of Arctic Trucks. He continued: “Having previously made 88 trips to the South Pole in the course of our normal activities supporting scientific research and expeditions, this is an extremely special moment. We are delighted for Chris and Julie Ramsey who, in succeeding with this expedition, have showcased new technology. On our part, Arctic Trucks is constantly developing solutions to dramatically improve the efficiencies of our hugely challenging polar operations”.

Messaging from the South Pole, Chris and Julie said: “A huge thank you to Arctic Trucks, our polar support team, you have been incredible, [as well as] all our partners, followers, friends and family who have supported us throughout this mammoth expedition”.

James Batchelor Takes The Toyota Hilux AT35 Offroad

Snows Toyota is proud to be running the UK’s first dealer AT35 Arctic Trucks converted Hilux as a demo in Southampton.

We invited back presenter and journalist James Batchelor to test the capabilities of this vehicle on the off-road course at the iconic Thruxton Race Circuit.

Founded in 1990 as a specialist division of Toyota Iceland, Arctic Trucks has built up a legendary reputation for reengineering and converting four-wheel drive vehicles and making them able to take on the world’s most hospitable places – you might even have seen the company’s products on Top Gear in the past, and they’ve even got a number of world records to their name.

The company’s fantastic attention to detail allows owners to safely and successfully explore without limits, whatever the challenge.

Arctic Trucks is the world’s leading polar vehicle operator, and their vehicles have conquered the harshest, most inhospitable terrain in the world.

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Toyota Hilux AT Range

Arctic Trucks Launch All New AT-T Conversion for The VW Transporter

A new avenue has opened for Arctic Trucks, pushing the limits of traditional camping.  You can now explore further in your Transporter T6.1 with the all new AT-T conversion.

Greater ground clearance, superior handling, underbody protection and the new addition of Arctic Trucks / Vision X lighting allows you to explore beyond what has traditionally been possible before.

  • Lightweight front underbody armour (4mm aluminium)
  • Evo Corse Dakar Zero 17×8 matte black load rated alloy wheels
  • 30” (LT245/65 R17) BFGoodrich KO2 All-Terrain tyres
  • Optimised and elevated Arctic Trucks Bilstein performance suspension system featuring front & rear springs/dampers (elevation: +35mm)
  • Arctic Trucks 2” multifunction receiver hitch
  • Arctic Trucks Vision X 21” lower grille-mounted lightbar
  • Arctic Trucks AT-T Certificate of Authenticity


And much more !

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VW Transporter AT-T

The Transglobal Car Expedition by Good Gear

The team used specialized equipment and carefully planned each step until it successfully executed the lift of the vehicle on August 27, 2022. The operation started with the underwater recovery phase, where experienced cold-water divers had to carefully raise the truck off the ocean floor using airbags, then tow the vehicle, still under the surface, out of the strong current and near to the shore of the island. They then turned the vehicle upright with cables and airbags, then raised it to the surface before pulling it to shore. The vehicle was inspected on land and prepared for airlift by sling.

August 30, 2022
Gjoa Haven, Nunavut, Canada
The Transglobal Car Expedition by has successfully completed the recovery operation of the Arctic Trucks AT44 F-150 vehicle lost through the ice near the Qikirtat (Tasmania) Islands, Nunavut, on 23 March 2022. The international recovery team of highly experienced personnel worked closely with the regional administrations and local communities, and had the benefit of four Inuit team members in the group of 12 people on the extraction crew.

Coldstream Helicopters’ heavy lift Airbus Super Puma helicopter delivered the Arctic Trucks AT44 F-150 to Gjoa Haven, where it will be made ready for the next available sealift vessel to Montreal. However, with corrosion of the electronics and aluminum components, it is not expected that the vehicle can be salvaged for use.

“This recovery operation was never about getting a truck back. It was about doing the right thing and respecting the land,” said Andrew Comrie-Picard, a Canadian team member. “It was very powerful to see the helicopter carry the truck over the horizon and hear the sudden silence and the water dripping off the ice floes. With one-third of our team being Inuit it was a privilege to have them with us to show us the tent circles and meat caches that went back hundreds of years, on an island that a passing boat would consider uninhabited. It is not. It is the land of their ancestors.” The recovery team left the site in pristine condition, with the determined intentions of preserving the fragile Arctic ecosystem.

The Transglobal Car Expedition by expresses gratitude to all the participants involved in the operation, including local communities, regional and federal authorities for ensuring safety, managing the risks, and contributing to the successful recovery operation.

Emil Grimsson, Icelandic team member and principal of Arctic Trucks, added “My feeling of seeing the car coming back after five months of preparations and hard work on the extraction gave a sense of completion and is a testament to the ability of expert teamwork to achieve a very, very difficult task. With all our work in Iceland and Antarctica, we always seek to respect the environment, and I’m glad we were able to do that here.”

The parent organization of the Transglobal Car Expedition is the Swiss non-profit GoodGear, which seeks to bring innovative technologies to locations around the world for the betterment of local communities and the advancement of scientific research.
More info. is available at For comments, questions, or interview requests please contact
All photos and videos credit Transglobal Car Expedition:

Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 Basecamp Supports BFGoodrich at Red Bull Hardline

  • Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 Basecamp supports BFGoodrich at Red Bull Hardline
  • Expedition ready vehicle demonstrates the extreme nature and possibilities of new model
  • Basecamp features everything you need, including roof tent and the kitchen sink!

30th September 2022 – Isuzu UK’s show special D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35, codenamed Basecamp, was recently deployed as a support vehicle in association with BFGoodrich, at Red Bull Hardline, the world’s gnarliest downhill mountain bike race, which returned for the eighth time to Wales’ Dyfi Valley.

Thirty of the world’s best and bravest riders sought to survive Red Bull Hardline’s most challenging course to date. The event was won by Canadian rider, Jackson Goldstone, whose impressive win came over a series of huge jumps, boulder drops and a freeride section that was brand new for 2022. Goldstone finished six and a half seconds ahead of British rivals Joe Smith and Taylor Vernon, who placed second and third respectively.

The expedition-ready Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 Basecamp, which embodies the extreme adventure nature of the Red Bull Hardline event, is built to conquer all types of landscapes and finished in Obsidian Grey with a mainly black colour scheme. The vehicle features a lightweight and versatile iKamper SkyCamp Mini 3.0 rooftop tent which incorporates iKamper’s signature World Map and even a Skyview window. This is mounted to a black aluminium Gearmate hardtop canopy, with solid gullwing side and rear access doors. Inside the load bed, the vehicle is equipped with an ARB Outback Solutions modular roller drawer system, with a durable carpet finish. Along with providing luggage space, the system also incorporates a fridge and a slide-out kitchen unit, which includes a 3-burner gas stove and a 12-litre collapsible sink. The highly capable and rugged expedition vehicle is finished with distinctive 17-inch black Arctic Trucks alloy wheels, fitted with 35-inch BFGoodrich LT315/70 R17 Mud-Terrain tyres.

Arctic Trucks Managing Director, Peter Smith, said: “Basecamp really lived up to its name here! As the most extreme downhill mountain biking event of its kind, Red Bull Hardline presents a demanding challenge, not only for the riders and their bikes but also for the support vehicles. Our extensive re-engineering of the D-Max AT35s body, frame, suspension and drivetrain, combined with the additional equipment, ensured it tackled the mountainous terrain and changeable surface conditions with comfort and ease; providing a perfect base of operations for the entire event, wherever support was needed, up or down the mountain.

Martin Thompson, BFGoodrich Brand Manager, said: “This is a vehicle designed to access even the harshest of terrain, so naturally it’s equipped with our BFGoodrich Mud Terrain tyres, these are our toughest mud terrain tyres ever, providing aggressive traction for on and off-road adventures. These tyres look fantastic on such a standout expedition vehicle!”

Available from £47,999 CVOTR, the Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 is a professionally re-engineered

vehicle incorporating significant enhancements to the body, frame, drivetrain, suspension, and tyres. The new flagship model in the D-Max range retains its commercial vehicle status, with no compromise to payload or towing capacity and comes with Isuzu’s five-year/125,000-mile warranty.

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iKamper and Arctic trucks Announce New Partnership

World-renowned extreme vehicle expedition experts Arctic Trucks have just announced an official partnership with award winning mobile camping innovators iKamper.

This new partnership will initially see Arctic Trucks work together with iKamper to widen sales and distribution of iKamper products throughout the UK. This will also include a customer experience area in Arctic Trucks upcoming new showroom facility on the edge of the Cotswolds (opening Autumn ‘22).

Carrim Bundhun, Project & Commercial Development Lead at Arctic Trucks commented:

“Both Arctic Trucks and iKamper share a huge passion for safely and responsibly enjoying the rugged beauty of our natural environment, without being limited by terrain or conditions. iKamper’s innovative approach to developing the very best solutions for every challenge mirrors our own – and we look forward to working together to enable our owners and operators to comfortably ‘Explore Without Limits’, both on and off-road, for many years to come.”

To view iKamper’s range, please visit Arctic Trucks’ webstore at


To arrange an appointment to view iKamper’s products at your nearest location, please contact


Built as the ultimate off-road performance vehicle, the Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 enhances the renowned D-Max off-road capability, increasing the ground clearance to 266mm at the front and 290mm at the rear, with an approach angle of 35°, a departure angle of 29° and a break over angle of 34°. The combined effect from the enlarged tyres, performance springs and dampers results in a softer, faster ride over rough surfaces and a lighter footprint over delicate terrain, without compromising on-road behaviour.

Millbrook – 26th April 2022 – Isuzu UK is set to open the order books for the All-New Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 on May 3rd 2022, having first previewed the pre-production model at the 2021 Commercial Vehicle Show.

Building on the Award-Winning durability and reliability of the Isuzu D-Max platform, the cool and capable Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 has been developed and engineered to handle the most challenging landscapes with ease while offering a distinctive presence and authentic performance that is noticed everywhere, whether on or off-road. The Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 is a professionally re-engineered vehicle incorporating significant enhancements to the body, frame, drivetrain, suspension, wheels and tyres.

All elements of the D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 build are undertaken by the Pick-Up Professionals at Isuzu UK and experienced Arctic Trucks technicians to ensure the highest standards of build quality, adherence to all relevant vehicle type approvals and full alignment with Isuzu’s five-year/125,000-mile warranty. Plus, importantly the vehicle also retains its commercial vehicle status, with no compromise to payload or towing capacity.

Taking its name from the 35-inch tyres fitted to the vehicle as standard, the Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35’s chassis and bodywork are re-engineered to accommodate its rugged 17-inch matt black alloy wheels and enlarged 315/70 R17 all-terrain tyres. The suspension system is overhauled with an optimised and elevated tailored Bilstein performance suspension system featuring front springs & dampers, rear dampers and additional front and rear body lift, providing a total front and rear elevation of +50mm over the standard D-Max pick-up.

The signature styling of the Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 is enhanced by the extra-wide colour-coded wheel arch extensions, which create additional clearance and amplify the vehicle’s raised stance, whilst conveying a dramatic sense of styling and purpose. The vehicle is also equipped with Arctic Trucks extended profile side steps, strengthened Arctic Trucks mud flaps and a versatile 2-inch rear multifunction receiver hitch, enabling the quick and easy fitment of tow balls, winches, rear-mounted steps and more.

Built on the best-selling Isuzu V-Cross model, the D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 benefits from an SUV-like level of specification with gunmetal grey exterior styling elements, premium black interior headlining, a nine-inch multimedia system with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto compatibility and an eight-speaker sound system. The leather interior includes the Arctic Trucks branding incorporated on the headrests and further benefits from a wireless mobile phone charge point, Arctic Trucks door entry guards and a premium carpet mat set. The vehicle is finished with Arctic Trucks and AT35 badging throughout the exterior and interior along with dedicated locking wheel nuts and an Arctic Trucks torque wrench.

The Isuzu D-Max boasts class-leading safety standards and achieved the maximum five-star safety rating in the tough new Euro NCAP test. This UK first for a pick-up is in part due to the new Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) fitted as standard across the range, with every Isuzu D-Max featuring Forward Collision Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition, Manual & Intelligent Speed Limiter, along with Lane Departure Warning and Autonomous Emergency Braking as standard.

William Brown, Managing Director, Isuzu UK said: “We are so pleased to launch the Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35, having first unveiled the concept at the CV Show last year. This new halo model for the Isuzu range really demonstrates how adaptable and versatile the D-Max platform is, and with the AT35 we showcase how inspiring and extreme the vehicle can be, whilst importantly retaining the full commercial vehicle status, with no compromise to payload or towing capacity.”

Peter Smith, Managing Director, Arctic Trucks UK said: “With the many challenges we have all faced over the past couple of years we are delighted to finally be able to bring the All-New Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 to the market.  We are very proud of what we have developed together with Isuzu UK on this latest generation D-Max which is undoubtedly the best yet.  We are excited that customers will soon be able to order this latest, highly anticipated, highly capable vehicle and it has been great to further strengthen the successful long-standing collaboration between Isuzu UK and Arctic Trucks UK.”

Priced from £47,999 CVOTR and £49,499 CVOTR for a version with automatic transmission, the D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 is available to order from 3rd May at any Arctic Trucks appointed Isuzu dealership, throughout the UK.

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Birmingham – 31st August 2021 – Isuzu UK are proud to display the All-New D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 pre-production model vehicle at the 2021 Commercial Vehicle Show. The pick-up professionals will be launching this striking addition to their range in Spring 2022, so this really is an exclusive preview. As before the AT35 is an exclusive, robust, serious 4×4 model for off-road enthusiast. The planned official on sale date for this stunning new model is Monday the 14th of February 2022 as customers will fall in love with the 4×4 capabilities of AT35.

Arctic Trucks have years of experience in re-engineering four-wheel drives to create reliable, good quality and durable vehicles. Whether for lifestyle or professional purposes, Arctic Trucks vehicles conquer environments others simply do not account for, enabling owners and operators worldwide to safely, efficiently, and successfully “Explore Without Limits”.

The collaboration between Isuzu UK and Arctic Trucks builds on the award winning All-New D-Max with advanced technology that has been especially developed to handle challenging landscapes. A strengthened chassis, Bilstein Performance Suspension and an All-Terrain Wheel and 35” Tyre Package offer confidence when driving off-road while the AT35 drives with a great deal of comfort and control.

The AT35 is a luxurious but extremely competent 4×4 pick-up. Refined amenities such as the Bespoke Arctic Truck Branded Headrests, Arctic Trucks Floor Mats, branded sill covers, and Leather Interior provide comfort in this resilient vehicle. With high-tech features like Traffic Sign Recognition, Automatic Windscreen Wipers and Emergency Lane Keeping, the AT35 also has impressive features to allow for an enjoyable driving experience. This includes a 9” Multifunction Touchscreen with Bluetooth connectivity that can sync with Android Auto and Apply CarPlay. The truck also has a HDMI port, Dual Zone Climate Control and eight speakers with a Subwoofer.


As well as peak levels of comfort and luxury, the AT35 also comes with convenient features such as a rear camera, parking sensors and Arctic Trucks Side Steps. An elevated driving position, enhanced suspension and wider tyres come together to keep drivers safe while providing great off-road performance. After scoring the highest achievable score in the tough new Euro NCAP Safety Tests, the All-New Isuzu D-Max AT35 has a range of Advanced Driver Assist Systems such as Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning and Autonomous Emergency Breaking to keep drivers safe.

The All-New D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35 takes capability to the next level, this vehicle stands out, and stands above the rest. The array of new practical and stylish features, every part of this vehicle ensures anywhere is possible.

William Brown, Isuzu UK’s Managing Director, commented:
“It is a pleasure to work with Arctic Trucks on this prototype in advance of the launch of our new AT35. Following the success of the all-new D-Max launch in 2021, it feels very exciting to be launching another new vehicle in 2022. We wanted to build upon the D-Max’s strengths to make a highly desirable and highly competent 4×4 pick-up and we are so pleased with the result. Through using Arctic Trucks’ impressive expertise alongside the D-Max’s impressive abilities the AT35 is truly an outstanding truck.”

Peter Smith, Arctic Trucks UK Managing Director, said
“Our partnership with Isuzu now stretches back years. During that time, we have had several versions of the Isuzu D-Max AT35 however this is the best yet. Being based on the award winning, all-new D-Max with the addition of Arctic Trucks specialist engineering has produced this amazing truck! I am excited for when this highly desirable and outstanding AT35 goes on sale, we are expecting a huge amount of interest from its appearance at the CV Show.”

All elements of each D-Max AT35 build are undertaken by Isuzu and Arctic Trucks technicians to ensure showroom quality, adherence to all relevant vehicle type approvals and full-alignment with Isuzu’s 5-year / 125,000-mile warranty.

For more information on the Isuzu D-Max range please visit for details of your local dealership.